Step 1
Register form and Company presentation
Fill in the registration form. Fields marked "*" are mandatory. If submitted; You are welcome to learn more about the company by clicking the company's link. 

Step 2
Show/Edit your data
If you like to review your registration or make any changes, you may click "Show/Edit Data" to reopen your register form. Click "Continue".

Step 3
Submit your application
a) Write heading and cover letter in the specific fields.
b) Click on "Upload attachments" to upload your CV, photo and attachment files.
c) Tick off the main qualifications you may have according to those listed. When finished click on "Continue to analysis" or "Send application" (just one of them will be visible).

Step 4
Taking the analysis

Time needed: appx. 15 minutes. Read the Candidate Guide and confirm by ticking off  "Yes, I have read the guide!". Read the instructions to each part carefully while proceeding. Click "Calculate" when finished.

Step 5
Complete and Send

The calculated profile analysis will be displayed on your screen and sent to your registered e-mail address. Tick off how well you think the profile gives an OK description of you, write your comment and click on "Complete and Send". Then you have completed and sent your documents and you will be logged out.  

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