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SeeRecruit.com "Makes the Impossible Possible"
SeeRecruit.com is an efficient and innovative tool for receiving job applications, administration of both candidates and offered positions - including an online analysis of the candidates' personality profile.
The tool makes it easy to analyze the personality profiles and to organize, give priority and keep track of the offered positions as well as the candidates.

SeeRecruit.com "makes the impossible possible", by giving you the opportunity to assess the candidates' personality before meeting him or her in the first interview. This is made possible by the specially designed, internet-distributed profile analysis and the integrated administration tool.

Avoid the two main traps in recruitment
In the traditional recruitment process, you have only the cover letter and résumé stating the candidates' professional background to aid you in the selection process of candidates to be interviewed. SeeRecruit.com enables you to assess the candidate's personality profile as well before the first selection.

SeeRecruit.com provides you with powerful, invaluable and significantly improved information to decide upon whom to invite for interview and further testing. SeeRecruit.com actually enables you to recognize the candidates with the most suitable personality profile among all the applications. Simultaneously, you avoid wasting time and money by interviewing candidates that doesn't have the suitable personality profile. In other words, by using SeeRecruit.com you can reduce the otherwise unavoidable risk of falling into the two main traps in recruitment.

Development and quality assurance
The profile analysis was developed in 1990-91 by the Norwegian coach and business consultant Stein Erik Egeberg.
Mr. Egeberg is well experienced within HR, including recruitment, people training and communications teaching. The analysis was developed in agreement with several professionals and specialists from relevant fields of expertise. At first, it was used in the Norwegian School of Sales, a seminar & consulting group that Mr. Egeberg established and ran.

Subsequently, the analysis has been used at a number of courses, seminars, workshops and in recruitment processes.
This way it has been thoroughly tested and approved the most reliable way; through years of practical use. The analysis has never been released for common use, it has been used by certified consultants and companies only.

SeeRecruit.com - not a "personality test"
The analysis has proved its accuracy through the years of practical use and feedback, thus been realistically evaluated. The SeeRecruit.com analysis is an easily understood and communicated tool. Its primary purpose is to give a fair, precise and quick description of a person's basic personality profile. We must emphasize that the analysis is not an in-depth "personality test". Such penetrating tests should be viewed as a tool for further, adequate testing of candidates.

Friendly, easily accessible and down-to-earth...
The incentive to develop the SeeRecruit.com analysis was the need for a simple, effective and easily accessible tool in communication training processes. The mission was to create a user friendly and down-to-earth tool for people to recognize and learn about their personality, and thereby encourage improvement of both interaction and communication with colleagues and customers. It was also essential to ease the scepticism among some people regarding personality analyses and tests. Experiences firmly confirm that this goal has been achieved.

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SeeRecruit.com leads the way by introducing the first 2nd generation online recruitment tool.

The 1st generation recruitment tools made it possible to handle the applications in a rational way. These were much welcomed time-saving administration tools, and provided efficient logistics.
Now SeeRecruit.com offers a leap forward with the invention of the first intelligent recruitment tool, enhancing the quality of the selection process, by not only supply customers with administrative data processing functions.

SeeRecruit.com provides you with a unique personal profile analysis as a fully integrated part of the application. This establishes a new level of quality to the selection process, as it enables companies to assess the applications and select applicants based on both personality profiles and professional qualifications.

SeeRecruit.com also offers a further remarkable advantage with the automatic ranking of candidates upon receipt of applications. Despite its advanced functionality, SeeRecruit.com is easy to learn and easy to use with its user-friendly graphical interface and interactive help functions. SeeRecruit.com takes online recruitment service to the next level. 

SeeRecruit.com -
makes it possible.

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